Dropshipping Supplier Spotlight : Le Chic


Joanna Stangreciak is the designer of Le Chic, an international fashion brand. Le Chic joined Modalyst in April of 2013 and has been one of our most successful brands.

Before starting Le Chic, Joanna worked at a fashion accessories company in Los Angeles doing product development and sales for the junior retailer market. She then branched out into designing her own swimwear label.

According to Joanna, the inspiration behind Le Chic was the 2008 recession:

“It was a horrible economy at the time and women were spending less on extravagant, impractical pieces of fashion and investing in classic, versatile styles that compliment the majority of what was in their closets.”

She started her brand with the intention of creating chic accessories that were also affordable and timeless.

Business Practices

Joanna originally began selling her pieces directly to her end-customers. Over the years, however, she has begun focusing on selling her label to brick-and-mortar retailers through Modalyst. Besides Modalyst, Le Chic is featured on Wanelo, Keep, Loehmann’s, Filene’s Basement, and Walmart.

Modalyst is a curated b2b marketplace connecting suppliers and retailers. It is our goal to match our retailers with brands that will be a good fit for them.

Joanna states:

“When looking for an e-commerce retailer to work with, I always looks at their reputation and reliability. These are two key factors that will ultimately affect my reputation as well. In order to build long-lasting, effective, and fruitful business relationships, I believe it is important for both parties to maintain open lines of communication and understanding.”


Joanna is the first to admit that she was not initially a fan of dropshipping. It has proven itself valuable over time, however, as it allowed her to forge relationships with new customers and make her products more available and accessible to a wider audience.

“Dropshipping has become a thing of the present and future–as seen more frequently with Amazon, Jet Blue, and Bed Bath & Beyond–and we all have to keep up with what is trending for the future!”

Check out Le Chic on Modalyst and email team@modalyst.co if you’re interested in being the next supplier in the spotlight!


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