All the features a brand wants

Modalyst has all the work flow tools to communicate, negotiate, and organize all orders. Manage current buyers and new prospects on one singular platform, including dropshipping for in-stock inventory, and pre-orders for new collections.

Collections Management

Unlimited Active Products

Publish or Unpublish as many products as you would like - brands are in control of the breadth of their available products.

Unlimited Styles per Collection

Add styles to your collections throughout the season, there is no limit to how many styles you may include.

Brand Management

Brand Profile with Brand Bio, Imagery, Video Content, and Press Manager

Color your profile with everything about your brand - including your lookbook, recent press, inspiration behind the designs, and videos bringing your collection to life.

Stockist Manager

Easily invite your stores to view your collections and place orders. Include a personal note in the invitation.

Referral Manager

Prospecting stores not yet on Modalyst? Invite them to join and view your collection.

Order Management

Order Integration Tool

A retailer called you with an order? Easily create this order on the go digitally - no manual errors. Then watch as these orders attract more attention through our Group Buys.

No Commission on All Wholesale Orders

No commission. All payments received go directly to the brand on Wholesale orders.

Market Intelligence

Who's Looking at You

Data insights into who's been looking at your profile, which products have been clicked on, and how many impressions they have received.

Who's Looking at You Premium

Want more insights - join Premium and learn when a product was added to a "rack", who added it, and start the conversation.

Product View Counts

Understand which products attract the most attention and further develop your collection with this useful information.

Communication Tools

Unlimited Inbound Messages from Interested Retailers

Once the line of communication is open, message retailers as much as you would like to keep you top-of-mind.

Unlimited Inbound and Outbound Messages with Existing Relationships

Your stockists are always open for you to communicate with through Modalyst. Keep them updated and informed on all things new.

Following relationships

A store has followed you? Awesome! They are now updated reguarly about your brand. Interested in selling to a store? Follow them to let them know that you are interested.

Modalyst Marketing

Social Media Promotion

Let us know about your events - we'll promote them through our social media channels.

Brand Introduction to Subscribers

All new brands are introduced to the network through our marketing newsletters and blog posts.

Modalyst Support

Live Chat Support

Got a question? We're available to answer 9am - 5pm PST

Showroom and Profile Uploading

Too busy to create your profile? Let us know and we'll work something out for ya.

Showroom and Profile Maintenance

Getting too many orders and can't find time to keep your profile fresh? Let us know. We'll work on a plan for you.