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"I posted a photo that I styled in NYC - after one sale, I had 18 people message me about the item, but I only had one. With Modalyst, I now have stock to sell and make more money with each post."

"You mean the brand sends the item right to my customer after I sell it on Poshmark - no way?!. Shipping is a huge problem for me because it’s very time consuming to go to USPS and print labels for each item."

"My full-time job is selling items on social selling apps. A friend could get me sunglasses from China for cheap but I would have to order 10,000 and I don’t want to order that large of an amount. Now that problem is solved!"

"I have a son, so it’s hard to work a part-time job around him, but selling on Depop with Modalyst provides me flexibility. I buy 1 item from Modalyst and style/post it. From there I can sell multiples of the item. It is so much easier than scouring vintage shops!"

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