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About Us

Modalyst integrates with e-commerce platforms and shopping cart technologies to automate the workflow of dropshipping between brands, retailers, & end-consumers. We are one-click sourcing, where ecommerce retailers seamlessly add products to storefronts including images, descriptions, pricing, and inventory counts.

No Inventory Risk

Sell thousands of products without the financial risk of buying inventory upfront.

Step 1 Source an amazing
assortment of products
in one click

Step 2 Customer purchases
a product through
your storefront

Step 3 Shop purchases item
directly from supplier
on Modalyst

Step 4 Supplier ships the product directly to the customer. Tracking number is automatically communicated

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Distribution For Suppliers

Modalyst has all the work flow tools to communicate, negotiate, and organize all orders. Manage current buyers and new prospects on one singular platform, including dropshipping for in-stock inventory, and pre-orders for new collections.

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Dropshipping for e-commerce retailers

Modalyst has all the tools and functionality for an online store to source, list, and sell a large array of differentiated products, with zero upfront inventory costs – all automated with ease. One-click sourcing for on-demand inventory.

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Wholesale for Brick-and-mortar

Discover hundreds of global brands through our open marketplace, featuring apparel, accessories, home, beauty, and kids. Place orders, re-orders, and download linesheets. Communicate directly with the brands. See insights into which products are trending around the world.

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What they say

Q2, Supplier Testimonial
Q2 Brand

Before Modalyst, we had no customers in N. America. A few months later, thanks to their increasing retailer database, we quickly grew in the US. We’re even working on setting up an office there. We’ve also built a huge network of dropshippers to help us gain exposure and reach a wider audience. Also to be noted is the people working at Modalyst – they’re the icing on the cake!

Bisjoux, Suplier Testimonial
Bisjoux Brand

Modalyst makes my job easier. I gained new clients right away from all over the world. I am participating in their drop shipping program since many E-tailers want to carry and expose my brand through their own websites w/o carrying stock. This will allow me to simplify, expedite and track orders all in one place.

Style and Pose, Retailer Testimonial
Style & Pose Retailer

Modalyst’s dropshipping marketplace is replete with world class independent fashion designers. Modalyst gave our company a unique opportunity to build relationships with each brand and sell products at a price that actually commands a real profit.

The Rack, Retailer Testimonial
The Rack Retailer

Incredible, this app saved me from many headaches and hours of my precious time. The integration with Shopify is so easy and the automation of daily updates,sold out items can't get any easier. This app makes keeping up with and adding products in my shop a breeze!

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