How to become a global dropshipping brand

How to Become a Global Brand

As an emerging brand, it can be difficult to capture a domestic customer base let alone a global one. Often times brands are hyper focused on their immediate audience through local partnerships and word of mouth. This is a smart way to start, especially because you can make mistakes along the way without major repercussions as well as engender loyal followers who will help become brand ambassadors. At a certain point, however, most brands want expand to new markets to truly scale their business. While it may sound daunting, there are a few simple ways you can start creating international exposure.


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How to market your dropshipping business

Modalyst’s Guide to Dropshipping: Promoting your Business

This piece is the final part of our four part Guide on Dropshipping. You can check out out parts 1-3 here: Which E-Commerce Platform is Best for you, How to Source Unique Products from Independent Brands and Running the Business.

So you have a platform, you have your suppliers and you have your dropshipping business ready to go. So why aren’t you getting any sales? One of the most important steps of starting an online store is how you promote it! There are several key steps you can take to promote your store website, through Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Content Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Paid Advertising and Offline Marketing. In this part of the guide, I’ll walk you through each of these steps and the best practices so you can start dropshipping to your target market right away.


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Modalyst App for Shopify Suppliers Launched!

The benefits of drop shipping for suppliers are numerous including heightened brand awareness, increased distribution and higher margins. For most brands, drop shipping has become a vital part of their business. While drop shipping is widely recognized as an important channel for emerging brands, it is cumbersome for them to manage all their retailers, orders and inventory across several platforms.

Recently, however, Modalyst launched a Shopify Supplier App that offers essential automation to solve these issues. With the new app, one can easily add products to the Modalyst marketplace and manage orders and inventory all in one place. Now suppliers have the tools to allow for distribution across thousands of e-commerce stores while maintaining control of their business.

Let’s show you how it works.


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Modalyst’s Guide to Drop Shipping: Running the Business

Running A Dropshipping Business

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Has your recent attempt to start your own drop shipping business run into more complications than you originally expected?

Although on the surface it may seem simple, we understand that there are numerous problems that may arise that can make dropshipping seem even more difficult than running a regular store.

You may have had to deal with inventory syncing issues, relations with your suppliers or mistakes made by your suppliers. You also will have to decide your own shipping policies, manage returns and keep good relationships with the key of your business, your customers.

With our experience, we can give you our advice on how to best manage these issues that arise while running your dropshipping business.


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