Marketing New Products: 5 Ways to Drive Sales On New Items

So you’ve found the next great item to add to your store, and you’re confident it’ll be a success.

It’s got the features, appearance, and sturdiness to deliver that “aha!” moment. Your test demographic said it’s incredible, but how can you reach the legions of buyers you’re sure will cement its legacy?

Quite simply: There is an art to marketing new products. People won’t find out about new additions unless you have a strategy in place. In fact, your new products may get overshadowed by the range of your popular or existing products. To get them on your target audience’s radar, implementing some creative marketing strategies would be your best bet.

How to Price your Products to be Profitable and Competitive

There are a multitude of factors that affect profitability and a merchant’s bottom line. Setting the right price for your products is an important step toward achieving that profit. Out of the profit margin comes the cash to cover expenses and the income for you, the owner. In a competitive industry like ecommerce, however, pricing can be a surprisingly troublesome beast.

How to Start a Dropshipping Business in 5 easy steps

Being your own boss, working from wherever you want, and having access to a global market: these are all perks of having your own ecommerce store.

Holiday Tips Part 2 : What Product Selection Sells Best During Holiday Season?

Christmas is fast approaching, and many retailers are already on the countdown to final product assortment. As a well-organized ecommerce merchant, you’re also looking to jump on the assortment planning bandwagon.

Holiday Tips Part 1 : What Should Your Pricing Strategy Be for the Holidays?

It’s practically tradition for the holiday season to mean great deals, starting with Black Friday through to the classic after-Christmas and New Year’s clearance sales.

Why Your Product Mix is Important

As an ecommerce company, your product mix is arguably the most important part of developing your brand. While…

P2P Marketplaces : Retail

In our last post, we explained the basics of the peer-to-peer (P2P) economy. Today’s post will take an…

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