How to Price your Products to be Profitable and Competitive

There are a multitude of factors that affect profitability and a merchant’s bottom line. Setting the right price for your products is an important step toward achieving that profit. Out of the profit margin comes the cash to cover expenses and the income for you, the owner. In a competitive industry like ecommerce, however, pricing can be a surprisingly troublesome beast.

Holiday Tips Part 1 : What Should Your Pricing Strategy Be for the Holidays?

It’s practically tradition for the holiday season to mean great deals, starting with Black Friday through to the classic after-Christmas and New Year’s clearance sales.

Introducing Kit: Your Very Own Virtual Drop Shipping Assistant

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Create Buyer Personas: Increase Sales by Learning about your Customers

The more you know your customers the more opportunity you have to resonate with them in both the…

How to be a successful dropshipper : Hear from 4 of our Top Selling Retailers

This week we’ve decided to take a back seat and let our members lead the discussion. Starting an…

Shopping Cart extending to multiple channels

Five Unique E-Commerce Metrics You Should be Tracking

As E-Commerce store owners, we know that having such vast amounts of data can be confusing and sometimes…

E-mail Marketing Guide Featured Image

How to Run an E-Mail Marketing Campaign for Your Store

“E-mail marketing will experience a second coming of age during 2016.” – Chad Litmus Reading e-mails has long…

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