5 Digital Marketing Mistakes [And How to Fix Them]

As an e-commerce entrepreneur you are inundated with advice on how to best market your store. Invest in design! Tweet more! Use linkbuilding! And so on…

But in today’s digital landscape, audiences are fussy and niche. How can you spend your time finding the customers that matter to YOU in an effective and efficient way?


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Pick & Spend: a pop-up boutique in Amsterdam

Amanda, our marketing manager, is taking a trip around Europe and visiting lots of exciting places. On her travels in Amsterdam, her cousin told her to visit the pop-up boutique called Pick&Spend.

Amanda loved the boutique and expressed her enthusiasm by talking to the buyer and founder of Pick&Spend, Melinda.

Melinda usually does her buying through trade shows and is hoping to grow her e-commerce like many other boutiques. Melinda was interested in what we do at Modalyst and how we’re developing the buying experience for boutiques.

I love how Pick&Spend uses social media like Facebook to share the personality of the boutique by posting photos of the sales staff in fashionable outfits.

Let’s hope that soon we’ll see this fun pop-up boutique using Modalyst!

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