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for Drop Shipping Suppliers

Brands, suppliers, and vendors use Modalyst to increase their distribution into specialty stores around the world. 90% of brands gain new ecommerce stockists every single week.

For suppliers

Diversify Distribution
Of On-Hand Inventory

Modalyst automates dropshipping, making it easier than ever to work with thousands of ecommerce retailers without any extra legwork. Upload once, and ecommerce retailers easily add products to their storefront including images, descriptions, pricing, and inventory counts – all automated in real-time.

Earn Higher Margins
Suppliers earn ~20% more on each dropshipping item sold, as compared to wholesale

Manage 1000s of Retailers
Managing 1,000s of ecommerce retailers is as easy as managing 1, including orders and payment processing

Marketing Exposure
Brands gain 20x more marketing exposure and brand awareness through the ecommerce retailers reselling their products

Improve SEO
Increasing the number or ecommerce stores selling your products increases your brand equity and SEO

Gain exposure to 1000s of ecommerce retailers

Increase your brand awareness and exposure globally as ecommerce retailers easily add products to their storefront with one click. Modalyst automates the product data feeds, enabling retailers to start reselling your products in an instant.

4 Easy Steps to Global Distribution

Import Inventory in Seconds
Import Inventory in Seconds

Bulk upload and list on-hand inventory in our open marketplace, where retailers discover new suppliers and add products to their storefront in one-click.

Have a Shopify Store?

Use our App to easily sync your collection to our marketplace and enjoy complete automation.

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Be Discovered
Be Discovered

Rich product pages and brand profiles bring collections to life with high zoom, items specs, and video. Our automated product feeds keep buyers updated automatically with product alerts, inventory level notifications, price changes, and tracking numbers.

Be Discovered
Collect Payments
Collect Payments

The retailer pays suppliers for products before it is sent to the end-consumer, including shipping fees. Brands are notified in real-time as orders are paid-for and ready to be shipped.

Build a Network of Ecommerce Stockists
Build a Network of Ecommerce Stockists

Gain new stockists reselling your products every week. Modalyst gives suppliers instant access to a network of cool independent ecommerce retailers at the click of a button. Communicate directly with the retailer through our inbox.

Build a Network of Ecommerce Stockists

Retail Technology Optimized for Suppliers

Modalyst empowers suppliers to manage thousands of resellers globally, while streamlining technical processes like
product data feeds, inventory updates across all reseller accounts, and order management.

Key Features

Gain More Stockists

100% of our brands gain new accounts each month. Enable retailers to start selling your products, while easily managing more accounts.

Bulk Uploading

Import 1,000s of items in an instant including imagery, descriptions, pricing, and inventory count. Retailers are automatically updated as any changes take place.

Inbox Communication

Communicate directly with thousands of buyers globally – time-zone free. Create long-lasting retailer relationships, address special requests, and increase your business.

Order Management

No more payment processing problems. All brands are notified in real-time as orders are paid-for and ready to be shipped. Tracking numbers are communicated to the retailer in real-time too.

Marketing Power

More stores selling products = more marketing power.
Each stores advertises brands to increase their sales. This, in turn, increases brand visibility and customer penetration.

Retailer Insights

Analytics and insights on who has been looking at your products and profile, including clicks and impressions. View your dropshipping accounts on a per-item basis, or a per-retailer basis.


HiDesign, Supplier Testimonial
HiDesign Accessories

The concept of a global and virtual tradeshow is long overdue, and Modalyst does this with an efficient and easy to use technological platform. It has given Hidesign an unparalleled, convenient and cost effective opportunity to introduce the brand to thousands of independent offline and online retailers.

BluehFashion, Supplier Testimonial
BlushFashion Apparel

Modalyst is easy to use, and we highly recommend it! We have met a lot of new retailers on Modalyst, and thanks to that we have successfully expanded our market of retailers reselling our products.

D/S by Drive Store, Supplier Testimonial
D/S by Drive Store Apparel & Accessories

Hundreds of our products have been added to many online shops with Modalyst’s drop- shipping service. Our stock/production cycle is faster now as it generates more orders with Modalyst.

Weekend Society, Supplier Testimonial
Weekend Society Streetwear

With Modalyst’s Dropshipping platform, the number of retailers stocking Weekend Society online has exploded. We are now featured in more than 200 online shops which we met through Modalyst, and this has allowed so many more eyes on our brand. The succinct, simple way in which we can manage orders, inventory and digital assets for all of these sites' needs is a testament to the effective brand portal Modalyst has created.

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